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      CHIA JENG YANG 谢征阳


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    • About Me

      Current city: Singapore, Singapore

      • Principal @ Saison Capital
      • I am passionate about the intersection of venture capital, technology, and public policy.
      • I climb mountains and am humbled by music.
      • People tend to find me for venture capital help, admissions to Harvard Business School, connecting to other people and understanding society trends. 
      • I help people find/deploy capital for amazing opportunities, build communities, and create new public policy insights.
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      • Like indie music
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    • Existing projects

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      Projects currently in the pipeline are in the field of:

      1. Venture Capital

      2. MBA Admissions

      3. Community Building

      4. Writing

      Angel network

      Private Angel Network of ~30 Angel investors for vetted startups and value-adding angel investors. If you're an investor or startup seeking to raise/invest Series A, Seed, Pre-seed capital, drop me a message at jengyang.chia@gmail.com.


      To view existing opportunities - drop me a message to gain access to the database.


      USD 1.15m of transactions made.

      Shaper impact capital

      Shaper Impact Capital is a private VC and Angel investor network for social impact startups and social enterprises.




      Join us: https://bit.ly/2tMWjD3

      If you are looking for advice from experienced professionals on Business School Admissions or getting into a Consulting Firm, this is the place for you.


      Donate to charity to arrange a session with one of our mentors.


      Website: https://www.good-admissions.com/

      community building

      • Shapers in Marketing WhatsApp Group
      • Shapers VC/PE WhatsApp Group
      • Shapers in Law WhatsApp Group
      • HBS 2+2 MBA Whatsapp Group
      • Southeast Asia Fintech Operators/VCs/Founders
      • Southeast Asia HBS & GSB Tech Whatsapp Group
    • Background

      venture capital

      • Principal at Saison Capital, Pre-Seed to Series B fund
      • Senior Investment Manager at Antler, an early-stage VC
      • Angel Investor: 5 portfolio companies in e-commerce, SaaS and marketplaces.
      • Run an Angel Syndicate
      • Intern at Openspace Ventures

      Company building

      • Global Venture Development Manager for Rocket Internet (Daraz) - E-commerce in Pakistan and Sri Lanka
      • Founder of MobForest (edu-tech startup)

      public policy

      • Trustee of the Wilberforce Society (Cambridge think-tank)
      • Published multiple cited papers


      • Advisor for WiserFunding, founded by NYU Professor Emeritus Ed Altman (Inventor of Z-score bankruptcy model), and Gabriele Sabato (ex-RBS Head of Risk Appetite Portfolio Positioning).
      • Advised a F500 Head of Department on corporate roll-out of a data analytics strategy.
      • Consultant for CITIC-backed Agri-tech startup in Beijing/Shaanxi
    • Publications

      Military History, Venture Capital, Legal Analysis, Venture Building

      Battle of France

      The role of Belgium on General Gamelin's war plans in the Battle of France

      The Concord Review is a highly selective American history journal with a successful publishing rate of 7%.

      A revisionist account analyzing the origin of the causes behind the failure of the French defence in the Battle of France, exploring the previously un-emphasized role of the Belgian neutrality policy and its subtle but powerful impact.

      Terrorism of the Islamic State: Social Media Strategies

      Published by the Cambridge-based Think-Tank, the Wilberforce Society.


      In this paper, we examine the background of Islamic State and its manifestation over various social media platforms. We will study how IS capitalised on the advantages conferred by each type of platform to achieve its ends.

      Cited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia and the University of Piraeus.

      Venture Builders are a criminally underrated contributor to the startup economy

      Published by Yahoo! News.


      An article on the underrated role Venture Builders play in the Future work, featuring thoughts by Founders Factory, Rocket Internet APACIG, Zinc Ventures and Launchpad.

      How we invest in humans

      Published by e27.


      An article on changing models of entrepreneurship that allow for investment into human capital

      Confusing Angels with VCs

      Published by e27.


      An article on how Angels and VCs invest with different methodologies, aims, and techniques